Bonus Points

Have any Questions? Contact Julie Clark in Gym, Room 103 or email her at

Earn extra Bonus Points for completing the following activities:

  • Group Exercise – CRUNCH time CORE (3 points)
  • Group Exercise – BOOTY BLAST (3 points)
  • Group Exercise – HIIT Strength Power Hour (6 points)
  • Mindfulness/Meditation GroupĀ (5 points)
  • Self-Defense Class – 1 (10 points)
  • Self-Defense Class – 2 (10 points)
  • Color Run (Sept. 29) or Alzheimer’s Walk (Oct. 13) (40 points)
  • Blood Donation (50 points)
  • Attend an exercise class at your favorite off-campus location! (5 points)

See our events page for all dates and times to earn bonus points.

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