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5 Realistic Habits That Will Improve Your Head-to-Toe Health

Article by Jennifer McGregor

No one needs to tell you how important it is to take care of your overall health and well-being. But amid the hustle and bustle of life, it can feel impossible to find time for self-care. Fortunately, there are realistic ways to foster your physical, mental, and emotional health on a daily basis. If you need to improve your head-to-toe health, start by implementing these five habits in your life.

Declutter Your Home

One of your first habits should be to properly declutter your living space. Clutter creates an underlying feeling of chaos, so bringing order to your environment can reduce stress and anxiety, as well as lead to more self-confidence, self-esteem, and inner peace. It’s also easier to find things when you need them so you can perform everyday tasks more efficiently. Furthermore, decluttering and organizing the items in your home is good for your physical health, as it reduces toxins and dust particles in the air.

If you have the budget for it, consider hiring a maid service to deep clean your home. For an interior cleaning in the Ithaca area, expect to pay between $69 and $166.

Declutter Your Life

Decluttering your life is also a great way to achieve overall health and wellness. This means weeding out negative influences in your life and surrounding yourself with people who will support you and push you to better yourself. Friends and family who bring positivity to your life and inspire you to take care of yourself are invaluable.

Adjust Your Diet

Nutrition is of utmost importance when it comes to your head-to-toe health. With so many diets out there, it’s essential to find one that works best for you. Generally speaking, avoiding processed foods and refined sugars is a very good place to start. Of course, it’s important to consult your doctor on what diet your body needs. What you eat not only directly affects how you look and feel, but it also has an impact on your exercise routine and sleep. If necessary, sign up for a meal delivery service so you can get healthy ingredients and recipes delivered right to your door, some of which cost as little as $7.99 per meal.

Be Physically Active

Right up there with diet, exercise is critical if you want to achieve health and wellness. Regular physical activity comes with a slew of physical health benefits, such as:

  • More energy throughout the day
  • Better sleep at night
  • Stronger muscles and bones
  • More flexibility and mobility
  • Reduced risk of illness and disease

It also yields a lot of mental health benefits, including enhanced self-esteem; decreased stress, anxiety, and depression; and improved concentration. As with diets, there is a type of exercise for everyone. Consider your preferences and needs to develop a routine that you enjoy. If you like doing it, you’re more likely to follow through with your commitments.


Sleep is also one of the most important aspects of healthy living, and it’s also one of the most neglected. As life gets busy, many of us sacrifice our sleep because we don’t feel like we have the time. However, the irony is that lack of sleep not only makes us more susceptible to illnesses and accidents, but it also hinders our productivity. That is, we can focus better when we are well rested, and it helps us to be more efficient at everything we do throughout the day. If you’re not getting seven to nine hours, adjust your schedule and start prioritizing sleep.

Head-to-toe health requires a commitment to change our lifestyles in simple but significant ways. Start by decluttering your home and surrounding yourself with people who enhance your life. Find a diet that meets your nutritional needs, and start prioritizing exercise. Finally, remember to get quality sleep. Once you begin to establish good habits in your life, the benefits will likely motivate you to maintain your overall health and wellness each day.

Photo Credit: Pexels